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Wilhite Trailer Sales: Authorized Yamaha Golf Car Dealer. Golf Cars and Utility Vehicles including 4 Passenger and 6 Passenger Concierge. Parts and Service and repair. Choose from our great selection or order exactly what you want. Yamaha Golf Car company is on 75 miles from us.

Wilhite Trailer Sales has been in the Trailer business for decades. Open trailers, Enclosed trailers. Dump Trailers. Gooseneck Trailers. We are the only Trailer Dealer in the area to offer parts and service. We have just about any part for any trailer. Tires, wheels, axles, lights, wire, hitches, fenders, etc....

Wilhite Trailer Sales also sells Hunter's Comfort Shooting houses. Single and Double and the Octogon for Bow or Gun hunting.

Yamaha Financing available for the Golf Cars and Utility Vehicles and you can add on a new trailer if needed. Interest rates as low as 0% for 24 months. 2.99% 48 months and 3.99% for 60 months.